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Summer Santa Inc., a recognized non-profit charity by the Internal Revenue Service, is proud to boast that we are one of North Texas’ largest children’s charities, serving thousands of children each year through our various programs.

   In our first decade, Summer Santa, an all-volunteer charity with no paid staff or physical office:

  • Provided services to more than 30,000 children
  • Distributed $575,000 in camp scholarships for 2,769 children to attend camps (an average of 255 per year)
  • Funded $109,000 for 1,094 children for Back-to-School Shopping Spree
  • Provided 363 back-to-school and pre-camp complimentary physical exams through our doctor
  • Collected and disbursed more than 30,000 toys and books


Dave Lieber's interview with FamilyNet Radio - listen!

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